DePaul Swept By Seton Hall In an Ugly Game

Blue Demons Could Not Take Advantage of Seton Hall’s Struggles from 3-Point Land and the Free-Throw Line

If there was ever a game that was ripe for the taking, it was this one.  In a game with 47 fouls and 49 free-throws, DePaul blew a nine point lead to lose to the Seton Hall Pirates 64-57.  Granted, it was a game between the two team with the highest free-throw rate in the conference.  It was ugly.  The only reason that DePaul was in the game was due to the awfulness of the Pirates from the free-throw line and 3 point land.  Seton Hall shot 29 free-throws at a rate of 48.3%, and a horrific 22.2% from 3 point land on 27 shots.  These flaws were the only thing going for the Demons.

So how did DePaul lose? As I mentioned in the preview to this game, if DePaul shot better than 16% from 3 point land and defended better from 3 Point range, the Demons might have a chance.  They did just that, but, and this is a big but, the Demons had 20 turnovers, shot 26.7% from three-point land, and 35.7% from two-point land.  Dreadful.  Yet they were in the game until the final minute.  Down by 5 at the 1:11 point,  Darious Hall drew a charging foul on the Pirates’ Quincy McKnight.  DePaul attacked the rim, Charlie Moore missed a jumper and Jaylen Butz got the rebound, drew the defense to his side, and passed to a cutting Romeo Weems who lined up for a dunk that would bring the Blue Demons to within 3, but as he had 4 other times in the game, Seton Hall’s Romaro Gill blocked the dunk at the rim to preserve the 5 point lead.  It was the last great effort of the game.  A couple of free-throws and a couple of missed shots lead to the final line of seven.

You Hold your Opponent to 22% from 3 and your opponent shoots 48% from the free-throw line, and you still lose?

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Blue Demons Travel to New Jersey: Seton Hall/DePaul II

DePaul travels to New Jersey to take on undefeated in Conference play, Seton Hall.  This matches the top and the bottom of the Big East through the first seven games of conference play.  The Blue Demons and Pirates played a close game in Chicago to start the beginning of the conference season.   With 2:36 seconds left in the game, Charlie Moore converted both free-throws to put the Demons up one.  Unfortunately, these were the last points scored by DePaul on the day.  On the ensuing possession, Seton Hall’s Myles Powell pumped faked Romeo Weems into the air behind the 3 point line and put his shoulder into Weems to ‘earn’ 3 free-throws.  Powell sunk all 3 shots, putting the Pirates up by 2, a lead they would never relinquish.

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DePaul Loses Big East Opener to Seton Hall


giphy-9Well, that sucked.  Games are not always lost in the final two minutes.  Games can be lost via attrition, lack of offensive flow, or a series of defensive mistakes.  Attrition can occur in different ways such as the physical toll taken on the body to the point where players lose their legs, or the gamesmanship of players getting into foul trouble via the ticky-tak foul.

I hate blaming losses on the officiating crew, but in tonight’s DePaul/Seton Hall game, the crew was an abomination.  In the first half, DePaul’s Paul Reed and Jaylen Butz both got into foul trouble with minor infractions.  We all know that DePaul’s offense is not the most free flowing thing to witness, but Paul Reed’s general excellence and Butz’s ability to rebound errant shots generally propel the Blue Demons to success.

At the half, I could not believe that the Demons were only up 6.  They had thoroughly dominated the half.  DePaul shot a higher Field Goal percentage, higher free-throw percentage, had 5 less turnovers, and 3 more rebounds than the Pirates.  How could they only be up six?

At the high point, they were up 10 and felt in complete control.  But then the zebras got involved.  In the last 3:53 of the 1st half, Seton Hall did not score a single basket, but somehow cut a 10 point lead to only six at the break.  Any idea of how you could complete that magic trick?  6 free-throws.  This matters.  This is how teams are kept in games when it is not their day.

At half time, it was extremely clear that one coach, Kevin Willard of Seton Hall, got in the ears of the officials, while the other coach, Dave Leitao of DePaul, remained dignified.  Within 3 minutes, DePaul’s Charlie Moore picked up two offensive fouls on ‘push-offs’, which happen on virtually every possession by every guard in NCAA basketball.

The combination of 3 of DePaul’s key offensive players all getting ticky-tak fouls disrupted the Demons from expanding their lead.

This all culminated in DePaul being up 1 with 2:18 left.  Myles Powell, coming off of a concussion, and being treated by the officiating crew like a lost son, did an excellent pump fake from 3 point land making Romeo Weems foul him.

Powell, gifted fifteen free-throws, FIFTEEN FREE-THROWS!!!!!!, calmly sank all 3, mainly because he had had so much practice through out the game, to put Seton Hall up 2.


Jalen Coleman-Lands then tried a step-back 3-pointer, which he shoots 20% on as covered in the pre-game notes to this game, which he, of course, missed.  JCL is a catch and shoot guy, and desperately needed to be set up in a catch and shoot situation, but the offense did not execute that, which lead to a poor shot.

Seton Hall then did an impressive alley-oop dunk to Romaro Gill, who just killed the Demons tonight, to go up 3.

Leitao called a timeout, and drew up a play??  It ended with Weems taking a difficult shot which was contested by Gill, and Seton Hall rebounding it.

Powell missed an ill-advised 3 pointer, but during the rebound, Butz knocked it out of bounds.  On the ensuing inbounds play, Weems lost Myles Cale for a layup, and that was the ball game.  DePaul was now down 6, and it wasn’t going to happen.

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Big East Play Begins With DePaul Hosting Seton Hall

Seton Hall is coming to Chicago to mark the beginning of Big East play.  The Blue Demons and Pirates had two epic match-ups last year with DePaul winning both times.  The Demons’ size is what put them over the top with Femi Olujobi, Paul Reed and Jaylen Butz dominating both games.  In the first one, DePaul won 75-74 in Chicago as Max Strus had 21, while the 3 big men all scored double figures.   The second match-up was one of the most offensively efficient games by the Demons in a 97-93 victory in New Jersey behind Olujobi’s 22, Strus’s 22, and Reed’s 21.  DePaul scored at a 1.31 points per possession, one of their highest of the season.  Let’s hope for an encore this season.

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Seton Hall Out Physicals DePaul Again



In Many Way, This Was A Replay of the First Game

We have been here before.  DePaul played a close, tight game, made the opponent sweat, and then let them off the hook.  Like the Northwestern game (a game in which DePaul missed 15 free-throws), a team that shoots over 70% on the year from the free-throw line, loses the game by missing 10 free-throws in a 5 point loss.  If you read my preview to this game, you would have read that it was imperative for the Blue Demons to keep Seton Hall, and especially Angel Delgado off of the boards.  Instead, they allowed Delgado to get a double-double in the 1st half!  Delgado lead the Pirates to a 12 point first have lead.  Most of Blue Demon nation were ready to turn off our TVs, when the Demons inexplicably stormed back on a 10-0 run to end the half.

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DePaul Travels to Seton Hall: The Preview II


The Blue Demons travel to New Jersey to Face Seton Hall

The Setup

DePaul plays the Seton Hall Pirates on Sunday, 2/18/2018 at noon Central at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.  It will be carried on FS1 (Channel 237 on Comcast) and on the Score (Radio 670).

The Pirates come into the game on a four game losing streak, with losses to Villanova, Marquette, Georgetown, and Xavier.  On the season they have 17 wins and 9 losses overall, with a 6-7 record in Big East games after losing by eleven at Xavier.

DePaul is coming off of another excruciating one point loss by not executing well during the last 4 minutes versus St. John’s.

The Blue Demons now have 10 wins and 15 losses, with a 3-10 record in Big East games.

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Seton Hall Out Physicals DePaul



The Pirates’ Timely 3 Point Shooting Plus Immense Physicality Doomed the Demons

Let’s cut to the chase, If you read my preview to this game, I’ll wait for you here…you would’ve read that in general Seton Hall was a balanced team, but that DePaul needed to fear 2 players, Angel Delgado and Myles Powell.

Who killed the Demons today?  Angel Delgado and Myles Powell.

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DePaul Hosts Seton Hall: The Preview


The Blue Demons host the Team from New Jersey, Not the Residence Hall on Sheffield and Montana

The Setup

DePaul plays the Seton Hall Pirates on Sunday, 1/28/2018 at 3:00 pm Central at the Wintrust Arena in Chicago’s South Loop, in front of thousands of blue seats.  It will be carried on CBSSports (Channel 232 on Comcast) and on the Score (Radio 670).

The Pirates come into the game with 15 wins and 5 losses overall, with a 4-3 record in Big East games after losing at home to Xavier.

Lead by a rejuvenated Eli Cain, DePaul is coming off of a glorious win against Georgetown , their 2nd Big East Victory.

You know what? Let’s revisit Eli’s excellence from Wednesday.

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