Pennsylvania Screw Job: DePaul Loses in Overtime at Villanova

The Zebras Did the Demons No Favors

DePaul can play with anyone.  No one intimidates the Blue Demons.  This team has been in every game.  Tonight, the DePaul Blue Demons were screwed.  Screwed terribly.  Improbably, the Men in Blue took the 14th ranked, Villanova Wildcats, to overtime, losing after Villanova took 8 free throws in overtime.  The most egregious were the first set of ‘fouls’ called.  But alas, let’s dwell on that later, in the Bad, Bad section.


Down eleven with 2:10 to go in regulation, Charlie Moore hits a three, Paul Reed hustles to get a jump ball, Jaylen Butz catches a tough pass and hits a two.  DePaul forces another turnover.  Egregious foul called on Reed (when I thought the game was over.)  Incredible steal by Reed and a monster dunk.  Gillespie travels horribly, but since we are in Villanova, there was a foul called on Reed.  He made one of two.  Jalen Coleman-Lands hits a 3, his first of the game to cut it to two.  DePaul traps the Wildcats who throw it away.  The Demons call a timeout and let Charlie be Charlie who delivered.  DePaul then stopped Villanova on their last gasp effort, which brought us to overtime.


DePaul started overtime with two awful possession, while Villanova was gifted with the following possessions, which added up to 4 free points.  Compare this to the first of 2 consecutive fouls called on the first 2 possessions of the second half when DePaul hosted Seton Hall and Charlie Moore picked up two push off fouls.  Which is worse?  Maybe no calls across the board would be the answer, but instead 4 calls against the Demons.

Jalen Coleman-Lands then set up Romeo Weems for an alley-oop, which looked like Weems had been hit off the ball by Gillespie, missing the shot.  Moore stole a ball and made a layup.   ‘Nova made their first field goal of the session.  JCL hit his 2nd 3-pointer of the night to make it a one point game.  Villanova made a contested layup and after an exchange of turnovers, Charlie Moore was fouled.

Astonishingly, the Blue Demons were still in a One-and-One situation, and Moore missed the front end.  Weems blocked a dunk and Saddiq Bey turned the ball over, which set up a JCL three point shot.  JCL was short.  Reed blocked a Justin Moore shot with eleven seconds left, and ‘Nova fouled Charlie Moore to make sure that DePaul would not get a 3 off.

Moore made the front end, and intentionally missed the 2nd, and the Demons failed to get the rebound.  DePaul fouled with less than a second which brought the end game score.

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Blue Demons Get Their Revenge on Wildcats

On a day that featured a first half in which Paul Reed went 0-9 and Jalen Coleman-Lands had zero points, the DePaul Blue Demons still found a way to defeat the Northwestern Wildcats.  Charlie Moore and Jaylen Butz lead the Demons by scoring 28 of the 34 first half points to keep the team afloat.  The Blue Demons shot 37%, while the Wildcats shot 55.6% to take a 4 point lead into the break with Freshman Boo Buie leading the way with 18 first half points.  As was mentioned in the preview of this game, Boo Buie was the man to be worried about,  the only reason that the Boys in Blue were still in it was that they had only 6 turnovers and had out-rebounded the ‘Cats by 5, mostly on the offensive end.


At the half, probability made it clear that DePaul could come back if they shot just a little better.  It took just 1:12 for JCL to hit his first 3 pointer of the half, and 2:28 for Paul Reed to finally get on the board putting the Demons up by 1 in the process.  DePaul held the lead until the 10:36 point of the 2nd half.  The Wildcats took the lead to 6 points with 6:28 to go.  When Paul Reed hit his only 3 point shot of the day, cutting the lead to 3, it ignited a 15-2 run which culminated in the sequence of the night by Jaylen Butz.

Butz’s steal and layup brought the DePaul lead to 7 and the Demons never looked back winning 83-78.

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