So It Begins

In the truly Lazy Blue Demon tradition, after a long hiatus, I have returned.  Life gets complicated.  To remind my tiny, sliver of followers, this blog does some previews of game and some post game reactions of games.  I tell it from a fan perspective.  If DePaul has an incredible victory, expect gushing, positive reviews about the best plays and players, and expect finger pointing and blame to those who have let us down.  If we lose, expect sky is falling exasperation.

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I have no connections to the program, other than I am a DePaul Alum.  If you peruse past posts, you will see that I have no love for the Athletic Director, and I doubt that I ever will.  But this is what makes being a Blue Demon fan so much fun, we always have someone to blame when we are upset.

When we win, it is because of the players…and maybe the coaches.  If we lose, it is the fault of the AD and the administration.

Let’s briefly discuss the first eight games.

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Big East 2018-19 Projections Teaser: DePaul Projected to Finish Last


The Blue Demons Are Projected to Be the Worst By a Large Margin

Greetings Blue Demons Nation!

The initial 2019 Preseason Projects are out, and shockingly, DePaul is picked to finish last, yet again.

2019 BE Projections

As our friends at @PaintTouches on twitter: the Big East will be 3 Tiers.

1) Villanova

2)Everyone Else except DePaul

3) DePaul

I cannot disagree yet.

The projected Contributors & Stats, assuming that no one transfers (which is a HUGE assumption.)

2019 DePaul Projections.jpg

We will evaluate this as the roster is filled out with the various transfers and defections.

In the meantime:

Cold Shooting and 23 Turnovers Doom DePaul at Butler


DePaul Blows Early 11-5 Lead by Allowing Butler to Go On a 20-1 Run

Let’s get this over.  DePaul had a nice stretch from 17:16 in the first half to 14:24 in the first half, when they went on a 9-0 run and took a 6 point lead.  Then it turned into a world of shit.

Image result for private pyle meme
DePaul Fans This Week

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DePaul Decides Not to Score Against Butler


After Taking Early Lead, DePaul Goes Cold

For the 2nd game in a row, the Demons forgot to take their pregame Cialis.  Additionally, DePaul was missing both big men, Marin Maric (knee injury) and Jaylen Butz (sickness.)  After going up 7-4 early, DePaul went through a 7 Minutes and 30 seconds stretch without a point.  During this series of basketball malpractice, the Demons missed 10 shots in a row from the field, along with 2 Turnovers and 2 missed free-throws.  The Demons went from up 3 to down 11.  DePaul kept it within 11 until a series of defensive lapses in the last 2:30 of the 1st half, that had the game blow up to 22.  After shooting an anemic 27.6%, you could tell by the Demon’s body language and lack of effort, that essentially, the game was over at half time. Continue reading “DePaul Decides Not to Score Against Butler”

I’m a Lazy DePaul Blue Demon Fan

The purpose of this site is for occasional posts about the most disappointing power conference team of the past decade, your DePaul Blue Demons.  I have no inside connections, other than I did attend the university for undergraduate and master’s degrees.  However, I have watched them play consistently for the past 20 odd years.  I plan on having basic game recaps (in a timely manner, within 48 hours), along with plenty of snark.  There will be positives and negatives with every post.  This isn’t going to be a complete torching of JLP and others.  There are other blogs out there for that.  However, there will be ocassional torchings of JLP and others.  I will try to be honest about how the players and coaches are doing, praising and sometimes, not praising.  Like I said before, there will be snark.