DePaul Blows Providence Out of the Building, Ruining Friar Alumni Day


Nothing Better Than Ruining Homecoming

After initially being down to the Friars, Eli Cain hit a 3 pointer to put DePaul up 13-12.  From that point forward, the Blue Demons never looked back.  The Demons went on a 25-7 run to go from 2 down to 16 up over a 8:09 stretch.  The Friars got a couple of baskets to close it to 12 with 8 seconds to go in the half.  Eli Cain then calmly sunk a buzzer-beating 3 pointer to close the half and put DePaul up 15 at the break.

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Last 45 seconds Doom DePaul versus Creighton


Creighton Hits 3 Pointer after 2 Offensive Rebounds on Final Offensive Sequence to Defeat The Demons by One

In a great game that DePaul lead by as many as ten points, the Blue Demon fell apart at the very end.  After going up by 2 points on a Marin Maric basket with 1:03 left in regulation, the most excruciating possession of the season occurred.  It seemed like it would never end.  It turned into 4 separate mini-possessions, that ended in the worst of ways for the Demons.

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Seton Hall Out Physicals DePaul



The Pirates’ Timely 3 Point Shooting Plus Immense Physicality Doomed the Demons

Let’s cut to the chase, If you read my preview to this game, I’ll wait for you here…you would’ve read that in general Seton Hall was a balanced team, but that DePaul needed to fear 2 players, Angel Delgado and Myles Powell.

Who killed the Demons today?  Angel Delgado and Myles Powell.

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DePaul Defeats Georgetown in Dying Seconds: Finally!


For the First Time this Season, DePaul Delivers on Final Possession

We’ve been here before…  The clock is winding down, the ball is in the hands of Eli Cain, Cain drives, and…he misses (against Oregon)….and… he misses (against Northwestern)….and… he misses (against Xavier).

But hey, yesterday was a new day!  The clock was winding down, the ball was in the hands of Eli Cain.  Cain drove, stepped back, and drilled the game winner.

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DePaul Shoots Blanks at Marquette


The Blue Demons are Impotent

Has this ever happened to you?  All your efforts have been building to a moment, and then once the moment comes…nothing?  You walk out of a cold, Milwaukee night to meet up with your familiar partner in an exchange of heat, sweat, and emotion, and instead, you go limp.  You fail to follow through.  You strain and flail, but you just can’t get it to your goal.

If this has happened to you, you either:

  1. Need Cialis   Image result for cialis commercial
  2. Or You were last night’s DePaul Blue Demons!

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DePaul Blows 12 Point Lead to Providence (but then again, is water wet?)


Demons Can’t Win Conference Games at Wintrust

First, first thoughts, I went to the game, and it was an interesting crowd. Super loud Friars fans, and a bunch of semi-engaged Demon fans. 2nd thought, now that I have had a chance to watch the replay, FX1’s ‘All Access’ is hypnotic. You know how you watch a good fight on HBO, and the best part is the corner men conversations?

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DePaul Defeats St. John’s Winning First Big East Game of Season

white demon

St. John’s Decides Not to Press the Demons; Poor Choice

We DePaul fans know our weaknesses (ball handling and shooting).  Our opponents should know our weakness.  Somehow, someway, St. John’s decided to not pressure the Demon ball handlers, the Demons made shots, and DePaul came away with the victory.

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