So It Begins

In the truly Lazy Blue Demon tradition, after a long hiatus, I have returned.  Life gets complicated.  To remind my tiny, sliver of followers, this blog does some previews of game and some post game reactions of games.  I tell it from a fan perspective.  If DePaul has an incredible victory, expect gushing, positive reviews about the best plays and players, and expect finger pointing and blame to those who have let us down.  If we lose, expect sky is falling exasperation.

white demon

I have no connections to the program, other than I am a DePaul Alum.  If you peruse past posts, you will see that I have no love for the Athletic Director, and I doubt that I ever will.  But this is what makes being a Blue Demon fan so much fun, we always have someone to blame when we are upset.

When we win, it is because of the players…and maybe the coaches.  If we lose, it is the fault of the AD and the administration.

Let’s briefly discuss the first eight games.


The Good

Paul Reed

Pre-season 2nd Team All Big East selection, Paul Reed, looks like a 1st round draft pick.  Every player seems to feed off of Reed’s refusal to take a possession off.  Through 8 games, Reed has 7 double-doubles.  He is the leading shot blocker in the Big East conference and 7th nationally.

Paul Reed

His effort is off the charts.

He took it to Iowa.



He swatted away Minnesota’s dreams.

Charlie Moore

So this is what a point guard looks like.  I have to say that it was intensely bizarre seeing a true point guard donning the Blue Demons uniform.  Moore looked in complete control from end to end.  He had a sweet assist to turnover ration of 5 to 1, and he finished at the rim!  For those of you living in a cave the past couple of years, DePaul has had to make due with off guards and small forwards running the show.  There were positives to this, in that the Demons would generally have a size advantage at the point, but it did not allow for some of the players to be put in their best position to have success.

charlie moore

Eli Cain, a four year starter, had to make due at the point for most of his career.  DePaul was really reaching to the bottom of the barrel last year, when in the last two games of the CBI tournament, Lyric Opera House Schreiner, had to run the point.  Coincidentally, Schreiner has not seen the floor this year.

Devin Gage, more of an off guard with massive defensive upside, has been the point guard the past two healthy years.  Gage has looked better in a coming off the bench role, where his past experiences can be seen.

Romeo Weems

The young buck from Michigan looks to be the real deal.  Weems has shown he is an all around player who can pick up any player with the exception of a 5.  Weems possesses excellent court vision, length, effort, and a motor that never stops.  On the defensive side, he is the wildcard that has pushed DePaul to another level.  He is taking on the best guard or wing of the opposition, and making their lives miserable.  He allows the Demons to actually pack the lane and close on 3 point shots.  It is early, but Weems is showing up on a few NBA draft lists which is just crazy to type.


Three Point Shooting Efficiency

In order to balance out quality Big Men like Reed and Jaylen Butz, it helps to have quality 3 point shooters.  Jaylen Coleman-Lands has been showing flashes of what he showed during his Freshman year at Illinois shooting 38.1% from beyond the arc.  Pair that with Charlie Moore’s 43.6% and you have a dangerous team.

Team Defense

Although many of the players are still learning to play together, the defensive side of the ball has been dynamic thus far. Between Reed, Butz, Weems, Hall, Gage, and Coleman-Lands, DePaul is long and quick. Weems moves his feet incredible well and takes out top parameter players. Leitao generally likes to pack the paint, but this team can run dudes off the line.

This defense has lead to lots of positive pays on transition offense.

The Bad

Free Throw Shooting

As a team the Demons are shooting 62.5% on the season. This would put them as the 313th best team in D1. Jaylen Butz, along Arkansas transfer, Darious Hall are shooting 52% and 54% respectively. Paul Reed is shooting the best on the team at 85.7%.

That’s it for the bad, which is weird to say.

On to Texas Tech.


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