Creighton’s Offensive/Defensive Dominance, Too Much for DePaul


Creighton Holds Blue Demons to 4th Worst Shooting Performance Of the Year

In a game that quickly deteriorated after 5 minutes of the first half, Creighton shot lights out and kept DePaul from matching them.  A 7-0 run towards the end of the half by the Demons kept the game respectable at halftime.  Down 10 to start the 2nd, Creighton quickly advanced the score to 20, and it was game over.

The Blue Jays Put the Demons on the Horns of Dilemma

If you read the preview, I mentioned that Creighton is one of the most efficient offenses in D1 basketball.     Their dominance is due to the fact that they have 4 players who shoot over 41% from beyond the 3-point arc, and every player they have on their roster can finish at the rim at the 3rd best rate in the nation (59.9% on 2pt%).

The Blue Jays spread the floor out and rely on quick passes and skip passes to give their shooters brief open shots that are incredibly hard to defend.  On a skip pass, the defender who is generally positioned on the edge of the paint has to rush to the shooter at the arc, which then opens the possibility of the offensive player blowing by the defensive player, or if the defender is too late, a wide open 3 pointer.  That was the entire night on defense for DePaul.

The ‘Horns of Dilemma’ break down to, do I closely guard the 3 point line or do I give space so that they do not run to the rim for a lob pass or layup?  If you back off on the 3, Creighton makes a high rate of 3s.  If you crowd them, they blow by you.  If a pick is set, it turns into a pick and pop or pick and roll, and if the communication is a little off, it is a layup or a different person hitting an uncontested or barely contested 3.

Let’s see a quick mashup of the different possessions that ended in a 3 pointer.

The breakdown of what happens in the video is directly below.

  1. Switch to cover in the corner, getting off balance due to pump fake, 3 pointer
  2. Skip Pass, Defender gets there with hand in face just as shot is released, contested 3 pointer
  3. Hitting the trailer during transition defense, contested 3 pointer
  4. Quick perimeter passes to the corner, where defender is doubling post can’t get out in time, even though they get a hand in face, contested 3 pointer
  5. Skip Pass, uncontested shot.  uncontested 3 pointer.
  6. Shot clock winding down, pump fake, 3 pointer
  7. Defender gets caught in moving screen/defensive log jam, uncontested 3 pointer.
  8. Defender doubles down, inside to outside cross court pass, late contested 3 pointer.
  9. Pull up in your face contested 3 pointer
  10. Pull up in your face contested 3 pointer
  11. Transition defense mishap, basically uncontested 3 pointer
  12. Offense drives lane, Defender follows, offense throws out to top of key, uncontested 3 pointer.

In all, there were only 4 uncontested 3 pointers.  These dudes can really shoot.  They do not need much space.

Creighton was right at their normal offensive efficiency.  On the year, they are 117.5, which is 18th in the country, they finished with 1.17 points per possession.  Rough team to guard.


The Setup


Senior night is like every night in Omaha.  Tons of People to watch Billy Blue Jay and his friends.

Gambling Corner

If you had Creighton and the under, you were a happy human.

The Player of the Game:  Khyri Thomas

In what might be his last home game of his career, Junior, Khyri Thomas went for 16 points on 5/8 shooting with 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 steals, and only 1 turnover.  Fantastic all around game.

The Good

Paul Reed

In 18 minutes of play, Paul Reed, wend 5-6 for 11 points.  Somehow he only had 2 rebounds, both offensive.  That was it. 

The Bad

Team Ball Handling

In a game in which Creighton was doing whatever they wanted on the offensive end, things only got worse with the 15 turnovers.  10 of these were generated off of steals which lead to quick baskets.  Cyrus had 2 passes to Coach Dave Leitao, which was slightly humorous.

Everyone Else on the Offensive End

It was an awful shooting night for everyone not named Paul Reed, Marin Maric or Joe Hanel.

10-42, a Sweet 23.8% combined for our group below:

Max Strus 4-15

Eli Cain 4-13

Brandon Cyrus 2-9

Justin Roberts 0-3

Austin Grandstaff 0-2

This was the 4th worst shooting performance on the year, the only games that were worse (Michigan State, Butler II, and Marquette I).  DePaul put up a .81 points per possession.  Awful.  In a game against elite shooters, you either need to stop the shooters or be elite as well.

In Creighton-DePaul I, the Demons played effective offense and help the Blue Jays below their season point per possession average.  The Blue Jays had a good offensive night in game one, but less than average.

Tweets of the Game

There were a lot of unhappy DePaul fans, so there are plenty of tweets to choose from.

For the Love of God, We are the DePaul BLUE Demons

Jack! Jack? Jack.  is once again, a great prognosticator

I (almost) always approve of Paul Reed as well!

It Hurts Bad


Great Quote shared by Laurence Holmes:

And Since DePaul Lost, I have to Put in the requisite distaste for the AD

It is Time.  

In Conclusion

Dumpster Fire Time:  #FireJLP


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