Who is Flynn Cameron?

cropped-demons-collegeDePaul is Thin at Point Guard

With the season ending injury to Devin Gage, DePaul has become thin at the PG position.  Our current point guard, Eli Cain, is a quality all around player that can also play small forward and shooting guard.  The only remaining point is Freshman Justin Roberts (a converted SG).  This is not ideal.  DePaul has more PGs on the way next year, but it would be nice to have another one right this second.

Help is on the Way

Last night, Flynn Cameron, a 6′ 3″, 17 year old point guard from New Zealand signed and will be eligible to play on January 2nd against Georgetown.

After looking through the highlights, it is pretty clear to me that the staff will need to bring him along slowly.  There will be a significant increase in speed of the game for him.  Jumping directly into Big East play will put him at a disadvantage (at least he avoids playing Nova and Xavier who would expose deficiencies).  The tape won’t show it (since it focuses on offense), but he himself mentions that he has to work on his defense.

Looking at the FIBA statistics, his assist to turnover ratio was a little frightening (19 assists/20 TOs).

When watching a few of the game tapes (no really, they are online on the FIBA website), it looks like he has a quick first step and can make it to the rack when he wants to.  His handle is a little loose, which will get better.  Some of the turnovers related to him getting himself in the air and then having to force a pass.  These are things that newbie point guards do.  Remember, he is 17 and will not be 18 until the end of June!

Fun Facts

  • He is a lefty.
  • His Dad, Pero Cameron, was a Kiwi legend.
  • He has lived in Australia since 2007
  • Played on the New Zealand U19 FIBA World Cup team.
  • FIBA profile
  • He knows the All Blacks Haka dance

NBA players looking confused at Haka Dance, good times!


Here’s an Interview from The Adidas Nations in Houston


Some Highlights

Highlights from the 2017 U19 FIBA World Cup.

Flynn as a 16 year old dominating local boys.

In Conclusion

Let’s be honest (stereotype alert!) , Kiwis and Aussies are generally great for team chemistry, and this guy is the best of both worlds, a Kiwi who has lived in Australia.

He is a little raw, but has been in international competitions and has competed strongly, which bodes well for his future with the Blue Demons.

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