The Beard is Back to Meet the Demons

Saturday, December 12th, 2015, a few of my old college buddies, our kids and I made our way on campus to McGrath–Phillips Arena to watch DePaul, with new-old coach, Dave Leitao, take on Arkansas-Little Rock team with their first year, unknown coach.

We were in a hopeful mood after suffering through the lovely Oliver Purnell years.  We were ready for a nice, relaxing evening of Blue Demon basketball against a crap, Sun Belt Conference team.  Little did we know about who sitting on the Little Rock bench, Chris Beard.

Beard pulling out a wedgie during another victory

As many of you know, Beard took a 13-18 team, added in a few transfers, changed the culture, took a team that was rated 288th in Defense, and converted them into a defensively dominate squad that finished 33rd in Defensive efficiency.  The Trojans won the Sun Belt regular season and Conference Tournament, and then beat 5th seeded Purdue in double overtime before bowing out to Iowa State in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament.

Back on Campus, my friends and I were treated to a massacre.  DePaul managed 44 points in a 22 point loss, and we never forgot Little Rock’s coach’s name.

One of the Blue Demons that night, Tommy Hamilton IV did not forget Chris Beard’s name either.  Hamilton transferred to Texas Tech as soon as Beard made the move the next season.  After sitting out a transfer season, Hamilton had the pleasure of enjoying a trip to the Elite Eight in Beard’s second season in Lubbock.

On Wednesday, December 4th, Beard is back in Chicago to meet a completely different Blue Demon team.

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So It Begins

In the truly Lazy Blue Demon tradition, after a long hiatus, I have returned.  Life gets complicated.  To remind my tiny, sliver of followers, this blog does some previews of game and some post game reactions of games.  I tell it from a fan perspective.  If DePaul has an incredible victory, expect gushing, positive reviews about the best plays and players, and expect finger pointing and blame to those who have let us down.  If we lose, expect sky is falling exasperation.

white demon

I have no connections to the program, other than I am a DePaul Alum.  If you peruse past posts, you will see that I have no love for the Athletic Director, and I doubt that I ever will.  But this is what makes being a Blue Demon fan so much fun, we always have someone to blame when we are upset.

When we win, it is because of the players…and maybe the coaches.  If we lose, it is the fault of the AD and the administration.

Let’s briefly discuss the first eight games.

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Big East 2018-19 Projections Teaser: DePaul Projected to Finish Last


The Blue Demons Are Projected to Be the Worst By a Large Margin

Greetings Blue Demons Nation!

The initial 2019 Preseason Projects are out, and shockingly, DePaul is picked to finish last, yet again.

2019 BE Projections

As our friends at @PaintTouches on twitter: the Big East will be 3 Tiers.

1) Villanova

2)Everyone Else except DePaul

3) DePaul

I cannot disagree yet.

The projected Contributors & Stats, assuming that no one transfers (which is a HUGE assumption.)

2019 DePaul Projections.jpg

We will evaluate this as the roster is filled out with the various transfers and defections.

In the meantime:

It’s Over: DePaul Knocked Out of Big East Tournament by Marquette


Down One with 11 seconds left, the Season Rested in Max Strus’s Hands

On a complete defensive mishap by Marquette, Eli Cain found Max Strus wide open for a potential game winning 3-point shot with 5 seconds left in the game.  Strus took the shot, and left it short, and DePaul lost, yet again, by less than 5 points for the 8th time on the season.

I have watched this play an unhealthy amount of times, but hey, let’s relive it again.

Marquette’s Andrew Rowsey completely messed up this pick and pop.  Rowsey should be sending Strus a wheel of Wisconsin cheese for the following:

  1. Missing the shot
  2. Not driving to the basket
  3. Not passing to a wide open Brandon Cyrus
  4. For standing around admiring his missed shot instead of running towards the basket in case he missed.



And with that, DePaul’s season came to a crashing halt.

As I said on twitter, “Was this a microcosm of the season or what?  Wouldn’t want it any other way than to go down losing the way we have 8 other times this year.”

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Big East Tournament Preview: DePaul – Marquette III

white demon                Image result for marquette mascot pictures

The Blue Demons Meet the Golden Eagles At Madison Square Garden With The Season On the Line

The Setup

DePaul plays the Marquette Golden Eagles on Wednesday, 3/7/2018 at 8:30 pm Central at Madison Square Garden.  It will be carried on FS1 (Channel 237 on Comcast) and on the Score (Radio 670).

Marquette comes into the game with 18 wins and 12 losses overall, with a 9-9 record in Big East games after beating Creighton in a must win game.  This will also be a must win game for the Golden Eagles if they would like to keep their chances for an at large bid to the NCAA Tournament.

DePaul is coming off their 7th excruciating loss of the season  with a 3 point loss to Xavier. .  In games decided by 5 points or less, the Demons are 1-7.  Not optimal.

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DePaul’s Valiant Comeback Effort Against Xavier Falls Short, Again

white demon

Blue Demons Hold Xavier to 2 Points Over Last 4:47, Miss Two Opportunities To Tie

Senior Day was almost an incredibly satisfying memorable day, as the DePaul Blue Demons fell short, yet again, to the 3rd Ranked Xavier Musketeers.

It was Senior Day, and if you want to read some things about our graduating Seniors, feel free to read the preview.

Things looked dire in the early going as Marin Maric picked up 2 early fouls and Max Strus picked up 3 fouls with 8:43 to go in the 1st Half.  Strus picked up 2 fouls on one play when he clearly charged into the Xavier defender and then kept talking to the referee.

In the arena, I was pretty sure that it must have been a block for Strus to be so upset, but after having time to watch multiple angles of the various replays, it was about as clear a charge as you will ever see.

When your two most reliable offensive players are out of the game, and you see that the Demons were down by 12 (22-10), it sure felt like game over.  However, the lineup of Hanel, McCallum, Cyrus, Roberts, and Cain, scored on 5 consecutive shots, closing the gap to 2 points (25-23).

This stretch allowed DePaul to make it to the much needed break, only down by 6.

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